Re: How to Install GPIB driver NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 8.04

Rolf does bring up an unfortunate point about the open source GPIBdrivers.  Since the user-mode side is GPL (not LGPL) it does limit what can be done with it.  There

Even if you can't get the NI-488.2 VIs or NI-VISA to work with the open source shared library you can use the open source GPIB drivers with LabVIEW if you are willing to use call library nodes.

Additionally IMNAL but the GPL really only kicks in when you redistribute a piece of software.  I'm guessing that 95% of people developing applications that use GPIB are using the software in house and thus it doesn't matter what license they use.  It also seems like you could develop some nice GPL openG VIs to use the open source GPIB drivers.



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