Re: How to Install GPIB driver NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 8.04

Unless the Open Source GPIB driver has a special exception clause that only would work if they made the whole VISA software open source. The Open source driver is GPL and without exception clause you can't link to GPL software without being GPL yourself.

It would appear to me that not every application out there using the Open Source GPIB driver is really GPL itself so they either are in violation of the GPL or there is an exception clause.

And of course you should be able to use the Open Source drivers with LabVIEW if you are not using VISA but the low level NI-488.2 nodes. The Open Source driver supposedly supports the NI-488.2 API last time I checked, the only problem is that it resides in a different shared library than the official NI lib. A soft link should be able to help with that. And of course you should be able to use the same trick even with VISA. If it all really works will mostly depend on how NI-488.2 compatible the Open Source GPIB driver API is.

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