Re: How to Install GPIB driver NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 8.04

NI has a lot of IP that we're trying to protect. IP and open-source just don't mix. Having said that, there is hope. Basically money talks. The real problem here is that we don't have enough data as to how much money/market-share there is out there for the open source solution. We have tried getting into the Linux support using the closed-source driver and that helped some. However, because of this, we have mostly data that supports the fact that big Linux customers don't really care about open source. We still don't have enough data that supports that supporting open-source driver will really be beneficial, so much so that it will override our letting-go-of-some-IP concerns. We can't just take gamble and take a leap of faith. Businesses can't survive well that way.

This is where you guys can help. If you care about NI open source driver, please talk to your NI representative in your area, so we have more data on how many customers and how many potentially big orders that we're losing for not supporting it.

NI is a business. We care about our customers, but we do have our limitations as to how we support certain customers (resources, IP concerns, etc) so we do need to be careful about where we would allocate our resources to tackle new market and support these customers.

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