Re: How to Install GPIB driver NI-488.2 on Ubuntu 7.10


Thanks for your words (both). I didn't have time to search last months about how to install NI488.2,VISA,etc, in newest ubuntu's distros. My last milestone was install visa in Ubuntu 7.10.

But nowadays I have more free time and I'm trying create a new how-to where I want to explain how to install Ubuntu8.04+LABVIEW+NIKAL+NIPAL+NI488.2+VISA. I am stopped in installation of LV8.X for these reasons:

1) When I try to install LV8.2.1-core in Ubuntu 8.04 appear a error that no existing in 7.10. The problem is related to package LV-core and command "sort". See this for more information.

2) When I try to install LV8.6-core in Ubuntu 8.04 appear a error related to one file (Readme.html) which don't exist.

I hope search these failures during this week and writing down my results.


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