Re: Linux I/O Drivers for LabVIEW

The DAQmx driver is not open source. We don't ship the C code.

As for documentation showing the "process of supporting LabVIEW under Linux", assuming you mean supporting drivers on Linux, I'm not aware of any documentation specifically about that. We have some general guidelines for writing drivers for LabVIEW at, but those tend to focus on writing drivers using VISA or IVI. A lot of the general concepts in the guidelines still apply, at least in terms of how to write your LabVIEW API, but that won't help you figure out how to write the C glue code that sits between LabVIEW and your underlying driver. For that you mostly just need to understand how to call C code from LabVIEW. We have some documentation for calling external code from LabVIEW, which includes information about the data types and memory management functions (look for "calling external code" in the help). That's the kind of stuff you need to understand so that you can do any necessary translation between the LabVIEW side and the C side.

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