Re: Linux I/O Drivers for LabVIEW

No these are the various datatypes that LabVIEW supports internally. Some of them are not useful for the Call Library Interface.

Basically you can use all kinds of C scalar datatypes such as single, double, char, short, int, and long and their unsigned types directly as parameter, either by value or by reference, arrays of these scalars, and structures that contain any combination of these scalars. In addition you can pass ASCII Null terminated strings as a parameter. Anything else is asking for trouble.

Absolutely unsupportable without specific LabVIEW wrapper library that translates between your C API and a more suitable LabVIEW type are function pointers, such as callbacks (need to be translated in the wrapper into LabVIEW occurrences or user events), and structures containing any type of pointer.

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