Linux I/O Drivers for LabVIEW

I am new to LabVIEW and I do not fully undestand what it takes to support LabVIEW under Linux for DAQ cards in general and that's what I am trying to understand here.

We have an LPC bus based ADC and DAC card for an x86 board. We would like to support LabVIEW under Linux for these cards, however, we do not have kernel I/O driver for these cards and it is my understanding that in order to support LabVIEW, we first need to write these I/O drivers.

My questions

1.Does NI provide any tools that enable us to write these Linux I/O drivers (.ko) for 3rd party DAQ cards such as ours. I read about NI-VISA product but I am not sure how that fits into the overall picture.

2. Let's assume after the I/O drivers are available, what is the next step in order to make LabVIEW development environment support these DAQ cards? Is there another layer of drivers,"LabVIEW drivers", that sits on top of the OS I/O driver that we further need to develop?

Any help/information on this topic is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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