Re: GPIB-HS-USB Support for Newer Linux Kernels


I am also using a GPIB-HS-USB adapter from NI under Linux. I have tried the linux-gpib free driver and it is detected fine. If your code is pure 488.2, then you should be able to link it against linux-gpib instead of NI-488.2 easily. Of course, it is a problem if your code uses VISA (I haven't tried OpenVISA).

Many USB devices, such as oscilloscopes, etc., can also easilly be addressed directly with usbtmc.

In my mind, the most vital support from NI is DAQmx. I am glad that DAQmxBase for Linux was updated recently and I hope DAQmx will also remain fully supported in the future. Support for USB DAQmx boards would be a real plus.

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