Re: GPIB-HS-USB Support for Newer Linux Kernels

From some further digging, I see the usb support is disable in /usr/local/natinst/nikal/src/nikal/nikal.c by the following statement for kernels newer than 2.6.24:

#define nNIKAL180_mUSBSupportedVersion (LINUX_VERSION_CODE < KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,25))

#define nNIKAL100_mUSBIsSupported (nNIKAL180_mUSBSupportedVersion && (defined(CONFIG_USB) || defined(CONFIG_USB_MODULE)))

If I modify this for my kernel (3.2.0) then I get a couple trivial compile errors that are easy enough to fix. After fixing these errors, the driver builds but per the above thread cannot be loaded due to the module license in /usr/local/natinst/nikal/src/nikal/nikal.c:


   MODULE_LICENSE("Copyright (c) 2002-2013 National Instruments Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Any and all use of the copyrighted materials is subject to the then current terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement, which can be found at <>.");


If NI could change the license to "GPL v2", then may be it could work. Given that this is a kernel abstraction layer (KAL) is there any reason why NI could not change the license?

As it stands now no one can use the NI GPIB USB drivers on newer kernels.