Channel Wire Reference Leak



I am elaborating a channel wire tag to stop parallel loop to make my code simpler as compared to notifier. However, I found a reference leak when using desktop execution trace toolkit. Any idea if I make any mistake in the program?


I am using this simple program to test.


Here is the message from Desktop Execution trace toolkit:

676413 21:40:14.1657490 Tag-bool.lvlibSmiley Happy) Reference Leak 0 1 VI Unknown Leak : 0x18067E78


Details: Unknown Leak : 0x18067E78
Call Chain:
-- Tag-bool.lvlibSmiley Happy)
-- Untitled 3
VI Path: C:\Users\Engha\Documents\LabVIEW Data\2018(32-bit)\ExtraVILib\ChannelInstances\Tag-bool\))
Thread ID: 0 --- CPU ID: 1


channel tag stop.png

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