Re: Getting Started With Channel Wires

Using sub-VIs and channel wires connecting the logical components I can achieve near Channel-nirvana




The only thing preventing this form of the CMH from being a Channel Diagram is access to the GUI.


Some of my associated created a set of VIs that will allow "by name access" to all GUI object references, that functionality was lacking for me because we had to know the class of the references to be able to cast the references to the correct type. It was also complicated by the challenge of ensuring any casting of the control references would be consist with any changes to the FP object themselves.



Booleans when "Latched when released" uses an property >>> value of variant. When set as Switched When Pressed" it is not a variant.


I would have to know all of the place a reference to a control was used to make sure I adapted the code if the control changed. Other type of FP objects are the same for example a Chart could be double, Waveform etc.


Using the approach of bundling the controls refs as I have shown above allows me to maintain the strict type of the reference for every control. Change the control , I see the coercion dot, I correct the Type defined cluster, ... if nothing breaks, I am done, if something does break, LabVIEW helps me find where that control reference is being used.


Why am I sharing this?


Because who better than the father of LabVIEW can invent a method to implement a truly wire-less VI?


Then the top level VIs could serve as both documentation on how an application is structured and the application itself.


I count myself as blessed that you have taken time to reply to my investigations.


Thank you,








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