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>Data Flow is left to right



And when you add the complication that cycles will require backward (upward) flowing Channels, preserving left-to-right flow and giving up on vertically stacking seems to be the preferable convention.



Yes that is what feels natural to me as well. For those situation were the data does loop back to form a cycle, the up and around wire will clearly flag that architecture.


I know I am preaching to the choir but ... Coding in LabVIEW manifests itself in the form of diagrams from our gestures and induendos (sp?). When properly structured the story of what happens in a diagram can be seen "at a glance". The path to my cube runs past all of the developers in our shop. That lets me peek over their shoulders as I come and go. More than just being nosey, it lets me review the code of the newbies s they are coming up to speed. Anytime I can not "read at a glance" the code, I stop and ask.


Moving forward with the Channel wires as the new tool in our tool box, I want to have a good idea how we should be using them. I am leaning toward sub-VIs interconnected using channels where ever I can avoid interactions with the GUI.


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