9683 RMC card: current sourcing capabilities of LVTTL 3.3V supply and DIO pins


I am attaching another custom made board on top of the 9683 RMC.

There, I need to feed some 3.3-Volt circuitry, which will demand about 24-30 mA.

I am tempted to draw that current from pins 1 and 3 of the 60-pin LVTTL connector... however, if these pins behave like the other pins, because the manuals say that only a 3-mAmp supply is guaranteed per pin, I would get just 6 mA.

So, how could I manage to get from 24 to 30 mA? Does it make sense to configure other DIO pins as outputs, and set them high, e.g. all eight DIO7:0 simultaneously, to source 24 mA?

Thank you!


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