Re: Can I use LVDS (in and out) from those banks which is powered from 3.3V?

You'll also be interested in the specifications/text just above Table 12 (top of page 16). To answer your initial question in short though, the Bank 0 DIO (DIO 0-15) can only be used as Single-Ended 3.3V.


As for the rule checking part that Spex mentioned, this is what will happen if you try to choose LVDS for Bank 0.

Bank 0 LVDS CLIP Test.png

In general, as you're developing your pinout, I would recommend testing that pinout with the sbRIO CLIP Generator. Because we have rule checking in place, it will help make sure you are properly using the I/O from the board and help catch any issues before investing time in layout/fab/testing. Also, as an added benefit, you'll already have your socketed CLIP developed for the LabVIEW project.