Does "EndevoGOOP400" support GOOP Debugger?

Hello GOOP community,

Im a new GOOPer, think the tool is really cool : D

I want to be a master of GOOP but have one question how can I do debugging.


According to this video, GOOP Suite provide a debugging tool.

It seems that EndevoGOOP300 supports but 400 doesn't. Is the behavior expected?

I read a help file but it said that

"This tool allows you to monitor the objects created from GOOP 3/4 and OpenG class templates."

My current project is below.Project.png300 was generated with Endevo300 template, 400 was with Endevo400.



In, create two objects. After the VI was executed, I saw the following result in debugging window.Debugger.png


I only can see an object of Endevo300 but couldn't see Endevo400. 

I want to use 400 version because it is the latest version (Isn't it?)

So if I can observe object behavior on Endevo400, it is really helpful.


Additional Information

LabVIEW 2017 (non SP1)

GOOP Suite (v1.1.87.94)

Certified LabVIEW Developer
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