Re: BC LabVIEW User Group Future Topics and Activities

Hi Gordon,

Thank you for showing your interest in presenting for the next LVUG meeting.

CompactRIO applicaiton/project is definitely an interesting topic.

For our initial presentation guideline: (Including the feedbacks we got from our recent meeting on October 2015).

1. The presentation duration should take at least 20mins (30 mins maximum).

    We are aiming to have two presentations for our next meeting to have more time with the discussion after each presentation. This can be changed in the future and we are still gathering feedbacks to have a better format for future meetings. So worry not for those who are willing to present, we will be doing this more frequent this year.

2. If the presentation topic includes LabVIEW code (most likely), it would be nice to discuss at least the software architecture (at least the very basic if it involves intellectual property).

These are based from the feedbacks we had from our last meeting on Oct 2015. Feel free to share your ideas as well.

With Best Regards,


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