Re: BC LabVIEW User Group Future Topics and Activities

Thanks again to all for attending the October event! Like Gurshan posted,I think that last month's meeting was a big success. It is nice to see such a large community of LabVIEW enthusiasts getting together. Even better, I've heard from a few attendees and other Alliance Partners that they are interested in participating and presenting other topics in the future. That is great news and I look forward to see some suggestions appearing here in the future!

For my part, I would be interested in presenting on the following topics:

  1. Custom probes and advanced debugging techniques
  2. Overcoming Queued message handler architecture biggest problem: Ensuring correct order of execution
    (this would present how/why to get from "JKI state machine" type architecture to "Top Level Baseline's" idea introduced by an NI engineer many year ago
  3. How to easily and quickly parallelize code execution using "daemons" and "clones".

These are a few ideas that I can see being useful for most developers of all skills and may generate very interesting discussions.

Hoewever, as Michael already presented for Synovus last month, I think that if would be nice to have a variety of presenters and I would gladly listen to other's topics (or feel free to present on these!) but I will leave these 3 options opened for the foreseeable future if we don't have enough initiatives on a given night!

I look forward to meeting you all again in the New Year.