BLT for LabVIEW Real-Time


I’m evaluating the BLT for the distribution of a product that we are currently developing.

We will mainly require the following features:

1) Real-time target (cRIO & PXI running Linux RT)

  1. a. Operating system upgrade / downgrade
  2. b. System backup / restore
  3. c. Software or drivers upgrade / downgrade
  4. d. Application upgrade / downgrade
  5. e. Application configurations upgrade / maintaining the old configurations
  6. f. Network adapter configurations / maintaining the old configurations
  7. g. Feature licensing (license keys for particular features on the real-time controller)

2) GUI (on windows PC)

  1. a. Upgrade of the GUI application
  2. b. GUI configurations upgrade / maintaining the old configurations

It will also be important to provide the “Offline Upgrades” feature for machines that are not connected to the internet.

Does the current version BLT support the features listed above?

In this forum thread from the Feb 6, 2014 I saw that you were already working on getting BLT to work on Real-Time targets and this was going to be your next major update coming after few months. Is this available now?

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