Re: Using BLT to License and Track a LabView program running as a Windows service.

As we discussed on the phone, we will continue to work on your suggestions on this point and let you know in couple days the direction we want to take with this. In the meantime, the following should allow you to accomplish what you want:

- Our suggestion is to create 2 different programs into BLT: 1 for  your Windows Service, and one for your Console.

- Your 2 products will be tracked, protected and updated separately, but you will still be able to manage them together since BLT easily allows to accomplish batch operations (like updating multiple products with 1 click)

- Since your Windows Service will not show any UI, the easiest way to activate it is to launch it as an executable (not a service) for the first time, and enter the Activation Key to complete the process. Then, you can run your program as a service and it will already be activated.

- Regarding the product update, when you release an update with BLT, you can specify to "Auto Update" the program. In this case, there is no prompt to install the new version, it will download and install the new version automatically without any popup. However, you shoud make sure that the service restarts properly after the update. (We will also work on this point to allow you to do this programmatically).

I've unlocked your license so you can add a second product in BLT with your free license and validate this work around for your case.

We keep in touch for the next steps.

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