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What is the World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer challenge?

The World's Fastest LabVIEW Programmer challenge is a fun competition designed to rank a LabVIEW programmer's skills in the world wide LabVIEW Community. The challenges test a developer's

  1. Software development skills

  2. Knowledge of the various APIs in LabVIEW
  3. Knowledge of the LabVIEW environment
  4. and knowledge of the many time saving short cuts built into the LabVIEW IDE.

You can easily reach this page by going to

Follow the master of ceremonies and, Chris Cilino (@ChrisC_NI), on twitter.

How do we find the Fastest LabVIEW Programmer?

Your journey to the title begins at the “LabVIEW Coding Challenge” kiosk in the LabVIEW Zone on the NIWeek expo floor. There you’ll face three challenges designed to put your lightning fast LabVIEW skills to the test. The two fastest competitors will be brought up on the Technology Theater stage Wednesday evening of NIWeek at 5 pm to face off in a live event where they will race against each other.

Although the competition culminates yearly at NIWeek, there are numerous battles all over the world! Check out the competition in Poland!

Who are the Fastest LabVIEW Programmers in the world?

Matthias Baudot2015NIWeek 2015 Challenges
Darren Nattinger2014
Darren Nattinger2013
Darren Nattinger2012
Darren Nattinger2011
Darren Nattinger2010
Darren Nattinger2009
Darren Nattinger


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