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wsn ethernet gateway and ethernet switch


i have a wsn ethernet gateway 9791 and i have an internet connection via ethenet cable

i want to connect both of the ethernet cables to my desktop

so i have an ethernet switch with 5 ports 10/100 Mbps

when i conected the ethernet cable to the switch i can acees the internet but i cant access the wsn gateway nodes linke itss blocked

and when i run the labivew program for the nodes i got an error saying network ip conflict

so does this mean that i cant use the ethernet switch with the wsn gateway

and btw when i connect the gateway directly to the desktop it works fine with no problems

looking for your help




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Your gateway will have to be setup to get a dynamic IP address from whatever router your computer connects to through the switch.


If all you have is a modem that supplies your internet (not a router) than this setup will not work.  You will need a router that can assign your computer and the gateway unique ip addresses.  When you connect them together directly (sans internet) they get link local ip addresses, but these will not work on the internet.

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how can i have a different ip address for the gateway and the internet ?

the internet is connected through an ethernet cable from the local netwrok it not connected to a router 

so how can i do it ? 


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No, your computer and the gateway need different ip addresses.  If you connect your internet to the switch and your computer and gateway to the switch, all you're really doing is connecting your gateway and computer to the source of your internet.


If the source is a router, then it will assign your computer and the gateway each and ip address.  Then things should work fine as long as your gateway is configured to use DHCP.


If the source is a modem then there's a problem.  The modem can only handle a connection to one entity, your computer.  Your gateway will end up stranded and not be able to communicate with anything.


It sounds like your ethernet cable is connected to a local network which is probably good.  Just make sure the gateway is setup for DHCP and then you should be able to rediscover it on the network after connecting it and your computer to the switch.

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