Wireless Sensor Networks

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what is localization of sensors


what is localization of sensors

Hi everyone


    Iam doing my masters in Engineer.My research area is wsn.I have been studying about forest fire early warning system .My professor wants me to research  on paticular area  in forest fire warning system like localization , clustering.Iam confuseed on how to proceed my research.can anyone please guide me

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Re: what is localization of sensors

The location information of sensors has to be considered during aggregation of
sensed data called localization.


it means each node in sensor network should aware about their location to send the data to their neighbous. usually localization can be done using GPS mechanism.. even GPS has its own disadvantages

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Re: what is localization of sensors

The area data of sensors must be considered amid collection of

detected information called restriction.It implies every hub in sensor system should mindful about their area to send the information to their neighbours. generally restriction should be possible utilising GPS component.. indeed, even GPS has its very own inconveniences.

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