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programmatically deploying WSN node shared variables


I'm working on a WSN network composed by one WSN9791 gateway, eight WSN3202 programmable remote nodes and one PC with LabView.2013. The nodes are programmed to get some voltage readings and store them in shared variables. My main application is running on a PC, it basically reads the global variables values and performs other processing.

Before running the main application I give the command "Deploy All" by right-clicking on the gateway name. I can do the same by right-clicking on each node and selecting "Deploy".

Some weeks ago, due to a thunderstorm, the power to the entire system was lost and, after automatic restart, my application was no longer able to contact the shared variables and I had to manually repeat the "Deploy" sequence.

My question is: "is there any way to programmatically deploy/undeploy shared variables"?


Note that in my application I access the nodes shared variables by opening a connection to the variable and then reading its value (see attachment 1) instead of using explicit connections to variables (see attachment 2).

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this is done on your block diagram using an Invoke Node. Go to your functions palette on your block diagram and go to Programming>>Application>>Invoke Node. Then left-click the Method of the Invoke Node and go to Library and select the desired command. It is important to note that you cannot deploy single variables at a time, you can only deploy variable libraries at a time. 


I also think that the following article will help you understand better the process of using shared variables in LabVIEW. I referenced it while I was researching your questions. 

Using the LabVIEW Shared Variable: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/4679/en

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Hi tina88,

many thanks for your suggestions and apologizes for being late in my reply.

I don't understand where I can find a "variable library" in my project.

I did a search within the project structure (where the code of each programmable node is located) but I have not found anything that looked like a "variables library" (only ".c .h .obj ... files").

I supposed that the library was automatically created by labview but, apparently I was wrong.

The questions now are:

May I manually build the variables library? And, if so, how should I do it?

But if the libraries are generated by LabView then where are they stored?

Thank you in advance





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