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pressure and temprature measurement in a tiny cylinder

Hey everybody!

as part of a project i need to solve this problem:

i have a small closed (50 mm height, 5 mm radius) tank made of PMMA fiiled mostly by salted water and a bit air. the water get a 200 (C) pulse for a very short time of 20 micro-seconds and start to transform into gas (there is a phase change). i need to measure the pressure and the temprature as a function of the height of the tank and time?

whice sensors can be suitable for me?

thank you!!


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Hi momentse357,


Here is a link to sensors available on our NI website: 



You can find various pressure and temperature sensors. If you are looking for more specific answers, perhaps you should elaborate a bit more on the test setup and how you plan to place the sensors on your tank. It may also be good to know what else you are trying to do (Are you using LabVIEW to process your data?).


Michael B

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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Hey Michael,

thank you for the answer.

Actually, my main problem is that the temperature and pressure depend in the height of the tank, so I as see it, I can’t put sensors inside the tank because they will measure parameters only at a local area. Therefore, I thought about infra red sensor or something similar from the outside.

About the temperature sensor- I need to find one with very high frequency because the heating ends after 20 micro sex and I also need to measure temperature while this period of time.

I can’t find anything that will be suitable. 

About pressure- can I find pressure sensor that can measure from the outside?? 

Hope you can help a little bit!



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Hi Amit,


Here are more NI resources on temperature and pressure sensors:




You can also look at the different sensors that we offer and see if any of those are suitable for you. 



At NI we don't specialize in sensors. Since you need specific sensors for your unique application, we may not offer the best sensor for your application. In this case you may need to look elsewhere for sensors and recommendations on which sensor to use.


However, if you have questions on how to connect your sensors to our DAQ equipment, then we can definitely help with those types of issues. Also, more users on our forum may be more inclined to answer those types of questions.

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