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mlbdd average data delivery ratio(%)?


hi everybody.

mobile line based data disseminiation protocol (MLBDD)


i need average data delivery ratio(%) of MLBDD method (200-400 nodes).
can everybody help me, how to make it. (i needs for chart in my proposed method.)
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I have not found much information about this MLBDD protocol, so I'm unsure of how it works at a basic level, and I couldn't find any previous cases of people attempting to do similar things with LabVIEW either. This might be able to be monitored through data sockets but I'm unsure if that is actually the case.


Did you have any ideas or any base code already developed to work with this data, if you do it might help us think of a possible way to do what you want.


In addition could you be more descriptive of what exactly is your final goal, and what you need to do with this project.



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tnx, for attention.


the source code in Glomosim simulator (attachment).


The file "table.pc" represents the source code for dividing the interest area into 5 ractangular bands
The file "Donnee.pc" represents the creation of a sensored data and its storage in the band
The file "demande.pc" represents a data request from the sink
The file "collecte.pc" represents the MA collect processus


download link




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If what you need is similar to what is being done on the code you attached, you could try recreating its functionallity on LabVIEW yourself, since I don't think there are any LV examples or functions that could replicate what this code does.


As I mentioned before I don't really know about this protocol you are using and there's not much information about it, so that makes it difficult to understand what exactly you need to do, and how you can do something like that.


There would also be the option of creating DLLs based on the code you have here (so long as it is permitted in the license), and use this from LabVIEW to obtain the data that you need. This could be simpler if you have a way to already obtain the data with external code, and a base code with some functionallity already implemented.  

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tnx , attention


i have not a some time, i cant simulate mlbdd protocol in glomosim simulator.

i only need data delivery ratio (%) , only % number. for add to my compare chart .


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