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digital output from wsn

digital output from wsn



I need to give a digital output from wsn node,  given below is the block diagram of the same, I tried to put both  an indicator(true/false) and constant control to drive the output, but I din't get any(as you can see in the front panel attached the indicator's green light is turned off though I set the control to true). Is there any mistake in configuring it? Also, I can't change the properties of DIO0. How can I change a Digital I/O channel from output to input and viceversa

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Re: digital output from wsn

You can't change the properties of the channel because it is essentially a system channel, not a user channel.  It is linked to a physical line.


It looks like you are using a 3202?


How long did you wait for the digital line to toggle?  Depending on the update rate you set for the node (right-click node, properties), it could take several seconds.

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