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constant Sensor power supply from node 3202

Hello everyone,

I had a small doubt that our programmbale WSN node 3202 is capable of supplying SENPWR (sensor power) of 12V as mentioned in the data sheet. So how can we have the access to get the constant SENPWR of 12V from the node. Please reply ASAP.


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Hi Abhinav,


You can power any 12V sensor attached to your WSN-3202 node as long as the sensor doesn't require more than 20mA. You can activate the SEN PWR by right-click on the node > Properties, then change the Power Sensor settings (choose Always on if you want your sensor to be powered all the time).



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Thanks Ahmed that i have already done. I know how to do it but the sensor wiring is complicated now i am able to get the constant power supply of 7.32Volts and my sensor requires the supply between 6-16 Volts . But as mentioned the node should give 12V supply. Is the long use of batteries also effect the constant power supply.



Thanks and Regards,

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