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communication entre NI WSN-3212 & NI WSN-3202 without the NI WSN-9791



My final year project is about programming the WSN nodes to communicate with eachother independently without the gateway. Can this be done using a Labview application ? Do you have some helpful examples ? I'm having difficulties with finding the required functions in Labview directories.


Thank You.

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The WSN platform was designed such that Nodes performing I/O operations would all wirelessly connect back to a gateway which interacts with a host PC. For example, you cannot add a WSN Node to a LabVIEW project without already having a WSN Gateway in that project (in terms of the hierarchy, you add Nodes to Gateways). Thus, implementing a WSN network without a Gateway is an unsupported application. 
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thank you for your answer
the nodes I m working with are configured to communicate through the gateway. What I m supposed to do here, is to change the topology in purpose to send data from the first node directly to the second node which will send the received data to the gateway.
based on the fact that the nodes and the gateway are programmable, I m looking for the communication algorithm and the firmware of this network so I can change it to be adapted with my objectif, but I couldn't get to it.

is it the right step to take?

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WSN utilizes the ZigBee protocol to provide message hopping and adaptable routing. Because the WSN firmware is proprietary, you will not be able to access it for alterations.
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alright, thank you!

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