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batteryless wireless sensor netwrok with long battery life.


Please, I'm new in the batteryless wireless sensor netwrok. I have a mini project and want to know how to Implement a sensor with long battery life (if you know some devices that you recommend me to buy). So how do the networks.

I would like to linear transmission between nodes, so how do you power also.

It's urgent, I expect your help and thank you in advance.



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Hello hajj.ka,


I'm still a little unclear on what your needs are - most of our products are either powered by traditional power cables or by batteries. I've included a useful link below on the differences between our products, and how to configure them: 



And some more general resources on our WSN offerings:




It sounds like this would be a good conversation to have with our sales engineers, who can talk through your application and help you find the best WSN solution. Their number is (888) 280-7645 - you can also reach them via http://www.ni.com/contact-us/. 



I hope this helps! Thanks. 

Derek B. (esoDerek)
Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello Derek B,


Thank you very much for your reply.


The informations are very interesting. However. I would like monitoring some physics parameters caracteristics using wireless sensor networks with a battery that have a long lifetime in a line of 100m. So, i need wireless sensor for this application, that have a less power consumption and ensures complete data transmission between nodes.

Thank you in advance.

With best regards,
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Hi Hajj,


That sounds like something we can do! I would definitely recommend speaking with the sales engineers as a next step here. They can talk through your application in a little more detail, and help you find the best products to fit your needs (and budget). 


You can reach them at (888) 280-7645, and they'll be able to guide you to the right resources. Good luck!

Derek B. (esoDerek)
Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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