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Wireless Sensor Networks Simulation?

Hi dear Lady/Sir:


 I'm trying to simulate my new algorithm in 'Routing' in 'Wireless-Sensor-Networks'(WSN).

I'm really confused that what method/software/simulator must be chosen to do this.


Please help me in selecting the best choice:

1) NS3 (new version of NS2)

2) OMnet++ &[ Castalia and/or Avrora ]


4) TOSsim &[TinyOS]






10)WSNsim &[wirelessHART]

11) [...you tel me please, if any other 'simulator/framework' is exist?...]


I like to chose the #(10)WSNsim &[wirelessHART], because this one is under 'Windows-OS/C#.Net' technology, do you have any suggestions?

Is my choice is good? or you suggest which simulator?

Is it possible to write mathematical formula that I do in MATLAB in C# too? or can I export my MATLAB '.m'file with Shared-MATLAB-Library to C# then I use the formula/algorithm-code in C#.Net ?

Do you suggest a better way? Please describe the best choice for realistic result for enterprises usage of the algorithm with high accuracy.


Best regards,


SunProgrammer Co ltd


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Hi Alex,


What type of hardware are you currently using?  What hardware are you expecting to use?  I'm not too familiar with all of the software that you listed, but with any programming language, such as C#, you can implement algorithms.  It may take more work depending on if you have to rewrite some functions that the simulators already incorporate.




Che T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi dear 'Che T',


Thanks for your reply.


This is asoftware simulation, no hardware needed. As it pass evaluation test, then can be implemented in the hardware systems.

I think the OPnet have some softwares for this.

Do you think that OPnet is best selection? (www.opnet.com)


Best regards,


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Hi Alex,


This forum is geared towards National Instruments products.  If you'd like more information on the software that you listed, you'll be able to get more information by posting on the respective sites that you've listed.




Che T.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Can I have any tool/Library available with LabVIEW with which I can simulate WSN?

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Hello Hiren123,


I would like to show you the following forum that is a little more recent and might give you an idea on how to accomplish what you require.



I consider the information posted on the previous link very valuable to consider as a good option.  If you have any more questions, I suggest you to post on the most recent thread.


Thank you very much for your post and have a great day.




Luis C.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thank you sir..

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Hey hranjbaran,


Can you provide more information on the issue you are having?


I'm also not sure this is the right place for your question. This forum post is quite old and you will get more visibility of your question if you make a new forum post. 


Additionally, your link does not lead to any useful information seeing as how we cannot sign in to see the manual on that site.



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