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Hi all,

I had bought NI Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) Starter Kit. This starter kit comes alongwith LabVIEW CD & LabVIEW WSN Module Pioneer evaluation CD . I just misplaced these two CDs.


Can , anyone , suggest me how to get started with starter kit on Wndow 8 as host machine ?

Which all things  required like, software & drivers,  i need to install on our machine in order to get started with the kit and could able to configure ethernet gateway and add two nodes i.e., NI-WSN-3202 & NI-WSN-3212 with the gateway? 


Best Wishes & Regards,

Kapil Kumar (Alias MrXander).

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Accepted by topic author MrXander
02-05-2017 08:53 PM

This response might be too late but incase you still need this info here it is. You will need;


LabVIEW 2015

LabVIEW 2015 Real Time Module

NI WSN 15.0 driver

WSN 2015 Module Pioneer  This is optional. This software will allow you to implement your own code directly on the WSN node. Of course there are some limiation, you can read about limiantion in the manual. Or here

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