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What should I use for short range and long range communication?

My farm lands are about 10 km away from my house. I want to set up a wireless sensor network which can read different parameters in my land area. So what short range technology should I use so that the sensors can communicate with each other and also I want to send the recorded parameters to a server in my house. Which long range technology would be suitable for this purpose. Major factors for choosing a sort range technology are: fault tolerance, cost, interference from other wireless technologies. Same goes for choosing the long range technology. Please somebody suggest me good wireless technologies. Any help would be appreciated.

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For short distance communication, I would recommend NI Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology. 
'NI Wireless Sensor Networks'
NI wireless sensor network (WSN) devices provide the same quality and accuracy as traditional wired measurement systems, but with increased flexibility as data is transmitted over a wireless network. A WSN system is composed of a gateway (controller) and nodes (instrument blocks). Different nodes are optimized for different types of measurements.
'Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Measurement Nodes'
For a gateway, I would recommend the NI 9795.
'NI 9795'
This gateway is also a C series device meaning it can interface with the cDAQ platform, which can be configured for the long distance communication specs you mentioned. This configuration is outlined in the following white paper.
'Wireless Data Acquisition Setup Using the Moxa AWK-3121 With NI CompactDAQ'
The Moxa AWK-3121 has a maximum transmission range of 10000 meters, as seen on page 3-19 of the device's operating manual.
'AirWorks AWK-3121 User's Manual'
Hope this helps!
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