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WSN on Windows Server

I am using an NI 9791 WSN Ethernet Gateway. Right now I have an executable, that I developed in LV2012, running on a laptop that is collecting data from the 9791 (I would like to use Labview 2013, but don't see that the WSN functionality has been added yet).


I would like to move the executable to a Windows server so the data collection is more reliable. I see that the LV2012 Runtime is available for Windows server, but I wasn't sure if I would still be able to communicate with the WSN Gateway from Windows server.


Has anyone tried this before or know if it is possible?

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You are right the LVRTE 2012 is available for Windows server, however you will need to have the WSN driver installed on that machine and all the documentation of the driver never indicates that it is compatible with Windows Server. It might work but it is definitely  not guarantee, I have never tried it before.

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