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WSN gateway cannot connect WSN Node

Hi all


I have a NI 9792 and WSN 3230. i can connect it in the past. But now i cannot connect the node. The 3230 node keep searching the network.  the gateway cannot connect it. I already reset it but still not working.  I try to use other node to connect the gateway. Thegateway can connect to node.


Is there any solution ?




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Once a node is configured it will attempt to reconnect to the same wireless channel you had configured originally. There is a drop down box in MAX for the node configuration page where you can set the channel. Also just to confirm the radio is only reset (channel) when you press and hold the WSN Connect Button (external button) for 5 seconds.


Pressing the internal button only wipes the nodes firmware and does not reset the radio in he node.

Kyle Hartley
Software Engineer
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