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WSN Simulator for LabVIEW

Hello everyone! May be it's a very stupid question, but I'm new in WSN, so, please, forgive me for it.

Is there any simulator for WSN (like, e.g., TOSSIM) that can be used with LabVIEW? I mean, without any hardware.Simulator which allow to debug, test, and analyze LabVIEW programs in a controlled environment and provide abstractions of certain real-world phenomena.


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There is no built in simulator available but you could build your own with shared variables with the same names as the WSN Node Variables. 


Essentially you would change the shared variables in your program to point to your test varialbes. Then you can have a "Simulator VI" which runs and manipulates the variables in your testing patterns. 


Have a good day. 

Alex D
Systems Engineer
Academic Research
National Instruments
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Mr. Alex D, thank you for your reply.

I'm not sure whether I've caught your idea completely, but I'll definitely try to realize such kind of structure. It's seems like I need to read more about shared variablesSmiley Happy


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