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WSN Node List Disabled in NI-MAX

After installing the WSN 1.2.1 firmware on two of my NI-9792s, the node list in NI-MAX is now disabled. I can see the list, but everything is greyed out. When I access the nodes through the built-in web server they are editable, but I am really needing to edit the list through NI-MAX as well. Why are they greyed out, and how can I begin to edit the list again?





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I have the same problem too.

My configuration is as follows:

- Windows7 Pro

- MAX version 14.0.0f0

- NI9792; firmware revision 2.1.2

- NI9792; operating system NI Real-Time VxWorks-PPC603 6.3


The configuration of the WSN nodes is still available through my browser because I installed the "NI web based configuration and monitoring 14.0.0" software in the gateway.

Any advice?






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Hi Flavio05,


It looks like you're responding to a thread that's about 5 years old. I would recommend making a new thread instead, as it means that your question will get more visibility and is more likely to be answered in a timely manner.



Kathryn K.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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