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WSN 3226 RTD Set-up

Hello,  I'm having trouble setting up an RTD measurement on a node that is already configured (node is WSN 3226, gateway is NI 9792).  

Here is the process I follow: In the Project, I go to the node Properties, complete the channel attributes set-up ("RTD Temperature Scale","Farhenheit") and Node Configuration, and then hit "OK".  The problem is, these properties do not appear to save.  The node attributes revert back to default ("Measurement Type", "Voltage").  This happens immediately, when I open Properties again.  When I deploy, then run the code, my measurement result is not temperature, but volts.



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To be more specific, the reading is zero (or nearly so).  The node set up page does save (resistance 400 ohm/ pt100, sensor power, filtering), but the channel attributes always revert back to the default of voltage.  I have tried all the options for sensor power (always on or x ms before sampling).  

Also, I updated the firmware to the latest version today.  Even though this is all new software and hardware, it was came to me with v1.2 firmware.  Still same problem.

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What about Digital Input/Output Attributes? Do those change? If those change and the Analog do not then this might be a bug. You should call NI support to look into it. 

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The DIO does save the settings when changed, but the analog channel attributes do not. 

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This does appear to be a bug.  NI has opened a ticket to work on it.

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For documentation, this can be worked around by programmatically setting the properties on the nodes. You must add a LabVIEW WSN Target on the node and configure the properties to be similar to the image below.


The image below uses Elemental I/O Property Node to configure Measurement Type and RTD Temperature Scale. The other key point is that the Sample Interval Mode is set to 'VI Driven'. For further configuration such as 'RTD Resistance Range' and 'Sensor Power' you can expand the Config Node down to include those properties (not shown below). 



-Aaron F.

National Instruments

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