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Undeploy a .vi from WSN node

Hello all,


how can I undeploy a .vi file from a WSN node that I don't need anymore?


I have tried undeploy but it didn't work. Still in the WSN configuration the node appears with a .vi deployed on it.


Thank you in advance!





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You can clear the VI on the node by holding down its reset button ~10 seconds. This will cause the node to factory reset with no VI on the node. You will know if it worked if the node's signal strength LEDs begin flashing Outside LEDs<---->Inside LEDS. 


The Undeploy option in the LabVIEW project undeploys I/OVs that may not be used anymore. It does not undeploy the VI as you have discovered. 



Brian A

R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/Network DAQ/Wireless

National Instruments

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Also, if you do not have a physical access to your node, you can "upgrade" the firmware with the default one via the web interface or the monitor.





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