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The WSN Gateway folder doesn't show up in Add Targets and Devices


Hi, I'm making a Wireless Sensor Network and I got to make the comunication of the NI-9792 with the server and with the nodes of the network. The problem is that I have to make the project in LabView to start gathering data, but in the Add Targets and Devices window I can't find the WSN Gateway folder, it doesn't show up where it is supposed to be. What could be the problem? I'm attaching images about the ideal situation and my situation.

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Does WSN Gateway show up if you select New Target or Device?


My guess is not.  That would indicate that you don't have the WSN drivers installed properly.  Did you install them after LabVIEW?  Is the version compatible with your version of LabVIEW?


EDIT: In the future please post this, but I was able to look at your screenshots and figure out you have the 1.2 WSN driver and LabVIEW 2011.  These are not compatible.  You will need the 1.3 WSN driver.

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Thanks for posting the question and for the right answer. I had same problem and it worked out.
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