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ParadisEO with Qt5 or visual studio 2012


i want to simulate my model with ParadisEO methaheuristic library

the problem that i couldn't use this library with visualk studio 2012/2010 .. it ouccured many errors that i can't solve

can anybody here teach me how to use this library with Visual Studio or with Qt5 .. step by step please it's for my final project

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Hello lotfi.dk,


While there may be users on National Instruments’ forum that have experience with the specific problem you are experiencing, I strongly recommended that you post your question to forums specific to Visual Studio  or your ParadisEO metaheuristic library. Since neither one of those is a National Instruments product, you might get the help you need more quickly on a different forum. I was unable to find a forum specifically for ParadisEO, but I have included a link to a Visual Studio forum page below:


Visual Studio



Are there are questions that you have about NI specific hardware or software that I could assist you with?


Good luck!

National Instruments Applications Engineer
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