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NI-WSN and WSN Module for LV2014


I am picking hardware for a new project and noticed, that NI-WSN is not supported by LabVIEW 2014. Further investigation showed that the newest version of WSN Moule Pioneer is only suported by LabVIEW 2013. 


First question is if anyone has some info about the relase date for the new NI-WSN (LV2014 compatible version)? and WSN Module Pioneer.


The second question is if use of WSN for the new projects should be avoided due to no new drivers available and replaced with cRIO with Acess Point (configured as a bridge) to connecto to wireless.




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Hi Mitja_G.,


You are right, there is no current support of WSN in LabVIEW 2014 nor LV 2014 SP1.

There are some plans to release in the future tbut there is no official release date.

My suggestion will be to contact NI Branch in your country and discuss what are the options. 
Knowing more about the opportunity and your hardware configuration,  it will help finding the best solution for you.

If you need contacts of your local NI Branch, please tell me your country and I can send you exact e-mail address and phone number.

Best regards,


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I was looking for the same support for LV 2014


I noticed that the support for LV 2015 is available with WSN 15.0 version but it still doesn't support LV 2014.



Vincent Carpentier, Ing./Eng.
Neosoft Technologies
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