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NI 9792 field internet connection


Hello all,

 I have a field deployable WSN system centered around a NI 9792 programmable gateway that collects temperature and strain data for several days at a time under battery power. I'm looking to upgrade its capabilities by sending collected data hourly either over FTP or in an email using MailGun. My biggest obstacle right now is just connecting the gateway to the internet in the first place. Has anyone used an RT host with a prepaid cell phone as a modem before? What kinds of cellular modems have been used with WSN successfully? Thank you for your suggestions!



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Hi Jordan,


I have heard of many customers successfully using a 3G cellular modem that have an ethernet port to connect to the NI-9792's ethernet port for remote access through the internet. Unfortunately I don't have a specific make or model of 3G modem they were using. 


Here are some examples from MOXA but I haven't used them before so cannot comment on how well they work. 

OnCell G3110/G3150-HSPA

OnCell 5004/5104



Brian A

R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/Network DAQ/Wireless

National Instruments


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