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NI-9792 deploy and remove ethernet


Hello everyone,


I want to use a NI-9792 to collect data. However, I want it to collect it for days and I cannot afford having a PC nearby. The steps I need to followe are:


1. Deploy the project so that it starts collecting the data.


2. Disconnect from the project explorer


3. Remove ethernet cable


If there is anything more, please let me know!


Thank you all again!

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You have to build an application and then run it at startup. You will be asked to reboot your gateway.
I'm pretty sure you have to have a special licence to do so.
My projects are running since years, away from my PC...


Good luck

Have a nice day



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However will the procedure I described above work?



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Well, I think that for collecting data You need to deploy the VI on Your Programmable Gateway (NI 9792) and let the VI Run continuously on the Gateway. But make sure you have to connect the ethernet cable if the IP Adress is assigned to the Gateway.


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