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Maximum Sampling rate for NI WSN 3214




          Am using NI WSN 3214 Programmable node with NI 9791 Gateway. As mentioned on the specification sheet of NI WSN 3214 node as sampling rate 1 kS/s per channel when max of 4 channel enabled but am getting less than 50 S/s data per channel only also i have set powerline filter is NONE and aperture time is 250 micro sec. Can anybody give solution for this?

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Hi Karthikmeee,


What parameters are you using for Waveform interval, Waveform Sample Rate and Samples to read? Here is the help document that describes what each setting affects. 


Also can you point me to where you saw 1kS/s for four channels as that information is incorrect and should be corrected? The spec is 862 S/s for four channels with an aperture time of 250 us. A full table of correct max sample rates can be found in the help here for the various settings and channel numbers. 



Brian A

R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/Network DAQ

National Instruments

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Hi Brian_A


     Thank for your reply.. 


Wrongly i mentioned 1kS/s for 4 channels but i understood that 862 S/s near 1kS/s.. 


I have set following  parameters for 1 channel active:

Waveform interval - 2 sec

Sampling rate - 500 

sample to read - 500

powerline filter - none

aperture time - 250u sec


I am getting 500 samples but it is updating 10 sec once even i have set 2 sec waveform interval.

NI WSN 3214 specification manual mentioned 4096 samples per second for above setting.




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