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Long Distance Wireless Transmission

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I've seen people use GPRS->Serial gateway devices quite sucessfully for lots of projects. There are plenty of ~$100 units like this:


that you can interface with from a standard serial port such as those found on pretty much every RT controller from NI (such as CompactRIO). You can configure it to make a TCP connection to your server elsewhere and it will automatically establish a data connection over the cell phone network and transfer the data from the TCP session though the remote serial port.



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Hello BlueCheese,


This is exactly what i'm working on right now and i have some  questions, when using this GPRS modems can i send data to a server that i create (my server)? I'm saying this because usually this kind of devices send data to a general server that requires an identification (we have to register and pay to get it)  to access the database and this is not what i want.


After transferring data to my server i want to use it in my real time monitoring interface created with LabVIEW 8.6, is this possible?


Thank you



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Here is the solution out of the box for all your telemetry applications http://www.sea-gmbh.com/en/products/compactrio-products/sea-crio-modules/ 


Those modules are built for work in a cRIO http://www.ni.com/compactrio/ 



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