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Leach algorithm Question

Hi Everyone.


I have problem with part of LEACH algorithm, this is what wrote in clustering part of LEACH algorithm:


Each node that has elected itself a cluster-head for the current round broadcasts an advertisement message to the rest of the nodes. For this “cluster-head-advertisement” phase, and all cluster-heads transmit their advertisement using the same transmit energy. The non-cluster-head nodes must keep their receivers on during this phase of set-up to hear the ad- vertisements of all the cluster-head nodes.


I just have a question about "Cluster-Head advertisement message to the rest of the nodes".

Is this message sent to all the nodes in the network? for example all 150 nodes in 200 x 200 region?? or just nodes in Cluster head range? i think it's not efficient, i try to do same on my thesis but i think it's not logical !! can someone explain this to me? if it just broadcast to nodes within it's range what is best range for Node?



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Hi Kousheshy,


This article is on NI WSN topology setup. I don't think it is exactly what you are looking for, but I think it will help.


Also, this forum is primarily used for discussing NI products. You are welcome to ask more general questions here, but in this case, you might get a better answer if you ask your professor or your classmates.


Ren H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks RenKylo2.

Yes it seems i must ask my professor..

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no, the message will be only sent to the nodes that are in the cluster head range

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yes. thanks! 

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