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Increase sampling rate of WSN-3212



I was wondering if the analog input sampling rate of the NI-WSN 3212 (being ) can be increased as in the case of the 3202 shown in ht elink below. I need at least 40 Hz sampling rate for my sensor. If not, any way to go around it, since I already have the 3212.





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It looks like that operation is dependednt on "Sensor Power" being an available property for the WSN-3202. I'm not sure if this property is available for the 3212, and the only other place I can find it mentioned after a quick search is here: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/98D3052351E365908625766200612F4F. Do you have a 3212 with which you can test whether the Property is available? If it's not, I would assume you can't increase its sampling rate.

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Thanks for your reply.


I have the WSN 3212 node with me, what type of test do you suggest? It is best if there is a VI I can test something like the one I included in my first post.

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Could you download the code you linked to and modify it to refer to your WSN-3212? If it doesn't work, it should just send you an error saying the property is not supported.

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