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How to modify and change a Wired Vibration Monitoring System into a Wireless Vibration Monitoring System

Hello Everyone,
I am basically a networking solution designer trying his hands into Vibration Analysis. I have almost negligible knowledge of Vibration Analysis. I am trying to design a Wireless Vibration measurement and monitoring system for a client who has a LAN spread over a radius of  1 KM and who is insisting on using most of his decade old Vibration monitoring system. This decade old Vibration Monitoring System has a Software installed on a desktop in control room. 2nd device in this Setup is an NCA which has been mounted on a wall just outside Control room. This NCA is sort of a mediator between Software and Data Acquisition Device (DAQ) which is mounted on a wall near the motors which are being monitored. On one hand, NCA communicates with software via LAN, and on the other hand, it communicates with DAQ wirelessly via RF communication. DAQ is connected with Sensors via RS 485 connectors and cables. The unique specialty of this DAQ is that it can communicate and receive data from almost all type of Vibration Sensors. Now, the client wants me to convert the wired connection between DAQ and Sensors into a wireless one. Only change he has allowed me is to use Wireless Vibration Sensors. Now, I searched everywhere but I could only find one solution which looks practical and which is listed at "https://www.erbessd-instruments.com/wireless-accelerometer" The product has a combination of a Wireless Vibration Sensor called "Wiser3x" and a Universal receiver. According to the website (please find the screenshots from their website attached), this universal receiver can be connected to any DAQ using RS485 connectors and cables to transfer data. This way, it converts a wired combination of DAQ and Sensors into a wireless solution. Unfortunately, this product did not work for me. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a similar solution  which can be used in similar manner to convert a Wired Vibration Monitoring System into a Wireless one since my client is not allowing me to replace the existing software and DAQ. If yes, than I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can point me to the site (other than erbessd ofcourse).
Many Thanks,
M K Baisla
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Some other ideas, 


a) the NI MON-10411 wireless vibration sensor

b) the NI 906x controllers for NI InsightCM, with their modbus communication, and slots for the NI 9230 modules.  (the CompactRIOs can communicate over a wireless link of your choice).  


Hope this helps.  





Preston Johnson
Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analytics
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I have the same question, I want to convert a wired accelerometer system to a wireless one,  but I have the NI cDAQ 9171 

Is it compatible with a Bluetooth module? Which one? 

Any advice for a wireless accelerometer sensor compatible with the DAQ? 

Thank you ! 


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