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How to develope front panel for GPS position in terms of co-ordinates


I have MTS 420 (make Crossbow) wireless sensor mote and I want to use it for GPS application. The Mote gets detected by the LabVIEW vi (attached herewith) but it neither gives any kind of output nor specifies what kind of output it should be giving. Please check the vi attached. The mote gets detected but there is no provision to display the output. Also, it does not specify the type of output. As I referred the Crossbow site for more help, I came to know that the GPS position will be in terms of co-ordinates. My question is can you provide sub-vi which displays the GPS coordinates as its output. Or can you tell me what should I attach to task out in this VI.



Thank you,


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HI Abhikpee,


Any update on this issue you had a couple of months ago?


I see that the Labview Crossbow Driver doesn't support the new MTS420, but does support the MTS400 - which i presume the 420 is based on.  So thats probably why you can detect the device but dont get the GPS data.


I may have an application where I'd need to use the MTS420, so did you managed to get around this?

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the updated driver for MTS 420CC is available at crossbow site. You will observe raw data after using this driver, which needs to be  formatted. You better consult with Crossbow for more help.

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