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How to adjust NI WSN-3212 time?


I currently have a WSN-3212 and it shows an incorrect timestamp.The node's time is about 1 hour (+/- 1 minute) ahead of the current time. Is there any way to adjust time?


It is connected to a NI 9792 and I was able to adjust the NI 9792's system time via NI Max. However, the node still shows the wrong time. NI Max and the web browser only allows you to change the node's ID setting.

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Hi N1CO_M3,


Thanks for posting in the forums. How are you getting a time stamp for your WSN device? It's possible your timing VI is not accounting for daylight savings time. Certain timing VIs will have an input called DST, for daylight savings time, for which you can wire in either positive or negative 1 to correct this. 

Tina K.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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